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Elegia mucronata (100 seeds)


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Elegia mucronata (Restionaceae) Robust tufted perennial with cane-like stems to 2m. The floral spikes are subtended by large, pale spathes 5-10cm long. Sowing: It is best propagated by seed and while it has a very low rate of germination, this is much improved by giving the seed a smoke treatment. This can be done by placing the seed trays in a small tent and pumping smoke into the tent, allowing the smoke to settle and then watering the seed trays, or by soaking the seed in a commercially available solution of smoke and hormones, the Instant Smoke Plus Seed Primer. Once the seed has germinated, the plants grow fast and can produce inflorescences within a year. Locality: Grabouw. Harvest: January 2023