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Erica chamissonis (100 seeds)


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Erica chamissonis (Ericaceae) The plant grows up to 0.6m and is floriferous. The flowers are blue-pink and bell-shaped and appear in spring. Can be grown as a pot plant as well as a cut flower. . Sowing : Sow seeds in autumn. Use trays no deeper than 10 cm. The medium must be acidic, well-drained and should be level so that germination is even; this will prevent damping off. Before seeds are sown, the seed should be treated with smoke seed primer. Smoke treatment will improve germination. After sowing, cover the seeds with a fine layer of the sowing medium and water well. Keep the trays out of direct sunlight and rain. Ventilation must be good. Germination takes 1-2 months. Locality : Grahamstown. Harvest : October 2023