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Erica coccinea (100 seeds)


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Erica coccinea. It is a rigid, stoutly branched, bushy shrub, up to 1.2 m tall. Hanging tubular flowers are produced in threes, on the ends of short side branches. The flower-bearing side branches are closely packed towards the tips of the upright main branches, giving the effect of a spike-like inflorescence. The anthers are yellow-brown and protrude far from the flower tube. The sepals are coloured, and the bract and bracteoles are enlarged and clasp the calyx. Sowing :  Sow in late summer to autumn (March-May), in well-drained sandy soil. Keep warm and moist. Treatment with Instant Smoke Plus Seed Primer will enhance germination. Use a well-drained, acidic medium. Because the seed is so fine it needs only a light covering of clean sand, or the seeds can be mixed with dry sand and the layer of seed and sand spread in a thin layer on top of the sowing medium. Water with a fine rose to avoid displacing the seeds. Keep the trays damp but not wet and out of direct sun in a warm, but not hot, situation. Germination takes 1 to 2 months. Transplant the seedlings when they are about 10 mm high. Grow on in light shade until they are established. Locality: Villiersdorp. Harvest: September 2021