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Erythrina acanthocarpa (2 seeds)


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Erythrina acanthocarpa (Fabaceae)(price per 2 seeds) Tambookie Thorn (E), Tamboekiedoring (A). The tambookie thorn is a much branched, deciduous, thorny shrub reaching up to 2m in height. The striking flowers are scarlet with the upper petal edged with green. the seeds are reportedly used as a charm against evil. The flower in early summer just before the leaves appear. Sowing: One method used to aid germination is abrading, which involves the use of sandpaper or rough emery to remove part of the seed coat. Nicking is a modification of abrading and is done by simply removing a small section of the seed coat with a sharp knife. The end on the opposite side of the eye (the black spot on the seed) is removed to provide an opening for water to enter. Pre-soak the seeds for 12 hours in warm water. Locality: George. Harvest: December 2023