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Erythrina caffra (100 seeds)


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Erythrina caffra (Fabaceae) coast coral tree ( Eng. ); kuskoraalboom (Afr.); umsinsi (Zulu); umsintsi (Xhosa). It is widely loved for its warm red to scarlet-colored flowers, which appear from the cold winter months up to spring. Its popularity can be ascribed to its ease of cultivation and long flowering period. It is a medium-sized to large deciduous tree, up to 11 m. The flowers are spectacular and are produced before the leaves appear and carried in large clusters at the ends of thick, fleshy stalks. Superficially they are shaped like cockscombs. Flowering starts from winter and carries on throughout spring. Sowing : One method used to aid germination is abrading, which involves the use of sandpaper or rough emery to remove part of the seed coat. Nicking is a modification of abrading and is done by simply removing a small section of the seed coat with a sharp knife. The end on the opposite side of the eye (the black spot on the seed) is removed to provide an opening for water to enter. Locality: Pretoria. Harvest: October 2023