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Euclea natalensis (100 seeds)


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Euclea natalensis (Ebenaceae) Mountain Guarri. a Shrub or tree, reaching a maximum height of about 10 m. The bark of young specimens is white, becoming darker and fissured with age. Small, scented, greenish-white flowers are borne in late summer in profusion on branched beads, which are covered with dense, rust-colored hairs. The spherical fruits turn from red to black when ripe and attract birds. The roots have a number of medicinal uses and also produce a black dye. As a garden plant, E. natalensis can be used as a specimen or as part of a forest clump. It withstands moderate drought and frost. Sowing: Sow seeds in summer. Crack seed coat to ensure that water can reach the cotyledon. They germinate within 3 weeks but do not like to stay in captivity so plant out as soon as possible. Locality: Pietersburg. Harvest: January 2024