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Euclea undulata (100 seeds)


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Euclea undulata(Ebenaceae). Sowing: It is a very sturdy, evergreen, dense and twiggy shrub to small tree reaching an approximate size of 7 m in height and very often with an equal width. The bushy and rounded appearance of the trees is due to the numerous branches that carry the closely packed leaves on stems that often reach ground level, giving an appearance of large dark green mounds or domes in the landscape. Sowing : The seeds are then soaked in hot water and left overnight and sowed into a sandy loam soil mixture which should not be fine-grained, otherwise this may encourage the formation of a crust and/or compaction. Best is to mix 1 part coarse river sand with 1 part fine-milled bark and 1 part decomposed compost or loam. The mixture is levelled in a seed tray and the seeds are pressed in and lightly covered with the same soil to about the size of the seeds. Sowing has been successful throughout the year but the best results are obtained from spring through to summer. Locality : Ladysmith. Harvest : June 2023