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Euryops subcarnosus (100 seeds)


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Euryops subcarnosus. It is a variable, spreading shrub growing from a single stem, reaching heights to 1 m; in some regions notably less. The leaves of Euryops subcarnosus are crowded near the stem tips. They are sometimes divided into several narrow, linear lobes, or some of them may be divided. The flowerheads grow on leafless stalks of up to 15 cm long from stem tips. The flowerhead is yellow, both on its sparse ring of rays and the central cluster of small disc florets. Sowing : Asteraceae seeds often germinate better in response to smoke treatment. Only mature, plump and fully formed seeds should be used. Smoke seed trays after sowing or soak seed in aqueous smoke extract for 24 hours. Sow seeds in a sandy, well drained soil. Sow seeds in autumn.  Locality: Barrydale. Harvest: November 2022