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Evotella carnosa purple (100 seeds)


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Evotella carnosa purple. Slender to fairly robust tuberous geophyte up to 50cm. Leaves narrow and lance-shaped, up to 20cm long. Inflorescence dense. Flowers many in a dense raceme, fleshy with green sepals, pink petals and whitish lip. Sowing: Use a soil mix of 50% peat moss and 50% perlite. Make sure the soil is completely moist. Use a 4-inch pot if you are sowing a small pinch of these seeds. Sprinkle your seeds evenly over the soil and very gently tap them down. Keep your pot in standing water. Use a tray or a bowl to set your pot in, and fill it up with water. Keep the water line no more than half way up the pot. Use water that is low in minerals. Keep the air temperature between 75° and 85°F for optimal germination. Locality: Betties Bay. Harvest: May 2023