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Ficus ingens (100 seeds)


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Ficus ingens (Moraceae) Red-leaved Rock Fig (e), Rooiblaarvy (a), umGonswane (z), uLuzi (x). Semi-hardy, drought resistant, large tree with a grey stem. It has crooked branches and the roots spread over rocks. The fruit, which is an inverted flower, is edible but unpalatable. The first flush of leaves in spring is bright red hence the common name. With the sun behind them they are a sight to behold. In cold areas they grow along the tops of rocks as small shrubs. Do not plant figs near walls, pools, pipes or paving. Size 3 to 12m. S.A. No. 55. Sowing: Sow seeds in a well drained medium. Locality: Pietermaritzburg. Harvest: October 2023