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Garuleum bipinnatum (100 seeds)


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Garuleum bipinnatum. It is an aromatic, perennial herb 0.6-1.5 m tall. The stems, arising from a woody rootstock, are erect and usually branched. The leaves are alternate, about 10-40 mm long, twice pinnate, and decrease in size and degree of lobing towards the inflorescence. The flower heads (capitula) are usually arranged in loose corymbs (± flat-topped inflorescences), but they can be solitary. Sowing: For cultivation of the species place 5 to 10 seeds in a row, directly into compost-rich garden soil on a calm day. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and keep them damp. Under favorable conditions they will germinate within 7 days. The seed can also be planted in a container. When the seedlings are about 100 mm high plant them out.  Locality: Barrydale. Harvest: September 2023