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Galpinia transvaalica (100 seeds)


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Galpinia transvaalica (Lythraceae) Wild Pride of India (e), Transvaalliguster (a), umHlope (z). This fairly hardy, decorative, thickset, small, evergreen tree is sometimes multi-stemmed and has waxy, glossy leaves that flush red in spring. Showy, white flowers late summer attract insects and it is a butterfly host tree. A quick growing tree and good container plant that it can be pruned into an attractive hedge in sun or semi-shade. Size 3 to 10m. S.A.No.523. Sowing : Sow in summer. Sow in trays filled with river sand. Cover the seed with a thin layer of fine sand and keep it moist. After 7-10 days seedlings will appear. Locality: Pretoria. Harvest: September 2022

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