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Gasteria brachyphylla (100 seeds)


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Gasteria brachyphylla (Asphodelaceae) Plants are 75-230 mm in diameter and have a short, decumbent to erect stem 25-230 mm high. They are prolific from the base, and form small clusters. The leaves grow in two opposite rows and are 15-230 mm long 22-80 mm broad at the base and strap-shaped to rarely triangular-spear-shaped. The leaf epidermis (skin) is smooth and dark green; both surfaces have dense white spots arranged in obscure transverse bands; the margin is wavy, becoming continuous towards apex, leathery white and with small rounded teeth, the leaf ends are sharp to rounded, ending in a short sharp point. Sowing: Sow seed during spring or summer in a warm, shady position in a sandy slightly acidic soil and keep moist. Cover with a thin layer of sand and keep moist. Germination is usually within three weeks. Locality: Barrydale. Harvest: June 2023