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Gladiolus carneus


Gladiolus carneus. Cormous geophyte up to 50cm. Leaves sword-shaped to linear, margins and midribs slightly thickened, bluish-green in colour, 4-12mm wide. Flowers pink or white, often with dark markings on lower tepals, in 3-8 flowered spike, perianth tube 25-40mm long, dorsal tepal largest, suberect or inclined. Sowing : Seed is sown in autumn, thinly, in deep (min. 10 cm) seed trays, to allow for root development. The soil medium should be well drained, a recommended mix being 2 parts sand : 2 parts compost : 1 part loam or equal parts sand and compost, and the seeds should be planted 3-4 mm deep, covered with clean sand and kept moist and lightly shaded. Locality: Palmiet rivier. Harvest: November 2023


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