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Grewia flava (100 seeds)


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Grewia flava (Tiliaceae). Brandy bush, Fluweelrosyntjie. A hardy shrub or small tree up to ± 4 m high, it gives an impressive show of yellow, star-shaped flowers in summer. This tree is ideal to attract birds to your garden and will make them stay longer or become regular visitors because of the abundance of fruit produced. The bark of the brandybush was often used to manufacture rope. The fruits are still used to enhance a kind of brandy or ‘mampoer’. The sweet vitamin C-enriched fruit can be enjoyed on its own as well. Traditionally porridge was prepared from the dried fruit after processing it into a flour. Sowing: Soak the seeds in water for at least 24 hours, the initial water must be hot water. Sow the seeds in seedling trays and cover it about 5 mm deep; use only river sand as the growth medium. Place the trays in a warm sheltered area. Do not let the growth medium dry out. A constant moisture level needs to be maintained for successful germination. Locality: Ex Hort: Harvest: January 2024