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Grewia occidentalis (100 seeds)


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Grewia occidentalis (Tiliaceae) Cross-berry (e), Kruisbessie (a), iKlolo (z). Hardy, fast growing, evergreen shrub with star-like pink to mauve flowers from early to mid summer that are followed by distinctive, four-lobed, edible fruits. It has dark green glossy leaves and trailing branches. It attracts both birds and butterflies to the garden. It grows well in both sun and shade and makes an excellent garden subject. Plant as a good addition to a bush clump, in an informal hedge or espaliered against a wall. It has many medicinal and magical uses. Size 2 to 6m. S.A. No. 463. Sowing: This species is best propagated from seed. Studies have shown that seed which has passed through the gut of monkeys and baboons germinates better than those collected from a tree. This is due to the fact that the seeds chemical inhibitors have been broken down by the animal’s stomach acids. However germination is generally fairly good – so perhaps it is not necessary to find a monkey to assist you with your propagation attempts. Locality: Suurbraak. Harvest: July 2023