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Gymnosporia mossambicensis (100 seeds)


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Gymnosporia mossambicensis. (Celastaceae) Long-spined maytenus. Multi-stemmed shrub, armed or with straight spines up to 8 cm long. Branches reddish-brown, with pale lenticels when young. Leaves green, up to c. 5 × 2.5 cm, ovate-lanceolate, ovate to almost round, hairless; margins irregularly crenate-dentate; stipules triangular, small and inconspicuous. Inflorescences lax, axillary, branched, usually much longer than the leaves. Flowers white. Fruit a semi-fleshy, 3-lobed capsule, pendulous on a long stalk, greenish-white to reddish brown or carmine when ripe. Sowing : Seed should be sown in spring or during summer, in a well-drained seedling mix, and need only be covered lightly with the sowing mix, clean coarse sand or milled bark. The trays should be kept moist in a warm but shaded position. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: November 2021