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Haemanthus coccineus BULB large


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Haemanthus coccineus BULB large. Family: Amaryllidaceae. Common names : March flower, April fool, blood flower, paintbrush lily, powderpuff lily, king-of-Candia, pincushion (Eng.); bergajuin, bloedblom, rooikwas, bobbejaansool, koning-van-Kandie, Maartblom, misryblom, misryersblom, skoensole, velskoenblaar. The flower-heads emerge in autumn, usually before the leaves appear. The peduncle is occasionally unmarked, but is most often more-or-less streaked or spotted. The flower-head comprises 6-9 stiff, red spathe valves surrounding the 25-100 coral to scarlet flowers.

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