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Hermannia concinnifolia (100 seeds)


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Hermannia concinnifolia. It is an erect shrublet reaching heights up to 90 cm. The narrow, wedge-shaped leaves are stalkless and have prominent stipules. The yellow flower has a tiny throat inside the whorl of petals hiding one margin of every petal. The free petal margin outside the whorl recurves. The flower colour is partly coming from the brick red to light brown calyx with its prominent triangular lobes that cover much of the corolla and are roughly hairy. Sowing : Mix 50 % sand or silica with 50 % seedling mixture, which allows for good drainage. Mix the seeds with soil before sowing or sow them first and cover with a very fine soil. The container should provide good water drainage and be placed under moderate mist. The seeds will germinate within four weeks. Locality: Infanta. Harvest: January 2023