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Heteropyxis natalensis (100 seeds)


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Heteropyxis natalensis (Heteropyxidaceae) Lavender Tree (e), Laventelboom (a), iNkunzi (z). Slender, upright, fairly hardy, semi-deciduous tree with shiny, waxy leaves that smell strongly of lavender when crushed, and have lovely autumn colors. It has small clusters of yellowish, sweetly scented flowers in summer, which attract butterflies and other insects. The bark that starts off grey and matures to a creamy color with apricot colored patches is truly beautiful. Ideal tree for small gardens, planted in groves and for containers. The leaves can be used for herbal tea and potpourri and most parts of the tree are used medicinally. Size 4 to 7m. S.A. No. 455. Sowing: Sow in springtime. The seeds are very small so make sure not to cover too much. Locality: Pretoria. Harvest: July 2023