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Hypocalyptus sophoroides (100 seeds)


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Hypocalyptus sophoroides. Shrubs with an upright branching habit growing 1-3 m tall. Immature soft stems are light green, turning red-brown on maturing. Grey-green leaves grow in threes along the stem. Flowers are bright magenta pink with yellow nectar guides. They are densely clustered in a pyramid shape along the tips of branches with 30 or more individual flowers per stem. They have a beautiful sweet fragrance, reminiscent of ice-cream. Sowing: Place the seeds in hot water and leave to soak overnight; this will improve germination. Plant seed into trays filled with a well-draining medium like equal parts finely milled pine bark and coarse river sand. Cover lightly with medium. Water with a fungicide. Place the trays in a lightly shaded position that has good air circulation. Locality: Villiersdorp. Harvest: April 2024