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Kiggelaria africana (100 seeds)


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Kiggelaria africana (Flacourtiaceae) Wild Peach (e), Wildeperske (a), uMunwe (z). Hardy, evergreen, fast growing, small or medium sized tree with light green leaves. Small, yellow flowers are followed by decorative grey-green capsules that open into star-shaped cases to display shiny, black seeds covered with a bright orange-red coating. Flowers are borne in summer. Sexes are on separate trees, with solitary, larger, pendulous female flowers and smaller male flowers in clusters. Plant in sun or semi-shade. It is the host plant to the Garden Acrea butterfly. Cuckoos, which prey on the larva of the butterflies, are attracted to the garden as well as other birds that feed on the seeds. Size 4 to 13m. S.A. No. 494. Sowing : Remove the orange aril by soaking in water for a few hours and then sow. Also sow as fresh as possible. Locality : Suurbraak. Harvest : February 2023