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Kirkia acuminata (100 seeds)


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Kirkia acuminata. Semi hardy, drought resistant, fast growing deciduous, upright tree with a spreading canopy when mature. The long straight stems have corky knobs and lovely grey bark on which lichens readily grow. It has beautiful fine foliage and is very graceful when in full leaf. The leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow in autumn. The small greenish-cream flowers are borne in many-branched, lax heads in Oct. and Nov. This is an exceptional tree for warmer or protected areas. The roots store water and this has traditionally been used by animals and people during drought times. It has beautiful wood and the bark yields a fibre that can be woven into material. Size – 6 to 15m. Sowing: Sow seeds in summer. They tend to take long to germinate. Locality: Epupa Namibia. Harvest: October 2023