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Kniphofia rooperi (100 seeds)


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Kniphofia rooperi. It is a robust, evergreen perennial, which grows in groups up to 1.4 m tall. The dull green, spreading leaves are deeply keeled (turning over on the sides) with toothed margins. The flowers appear as dense, round inflorescences. The stem is long and strong. The buds when young range in color from bright red, orange-yellow or greenish. The flowers are about 42 mm long and range in color from orange-red to yellow-green. Sowing: Seed should be sown in spring or during summer, in a well-drained seedling mix, and need only be covered lightly with the sowing mix, clean coarse sand or milled bark. The trays should be kept moist in a warm but shaded position. Locality: Haarlem: Harvest: April 2024