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Kniphofia uvaria (100 seeds)


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Kniphofia uvaria (Asphodelaceae) The stately flowers provide a dramatic display, when grown in a space where the entire plant is visible. Make this planting space directly in front of an evergreen background, or as a ‘stand alone’ specimen, and it is sure to turn heads. The multi-colored flower spikes will reach 1 to 1.5m in height, depending on the soil. The coloring may range from ivory and orange to coral red. They attract sunbirds to your garden. They must be grown in full sun. Good drainage is essential to prevent crown rot, otherwise these plants are tolerant of most soil types. Although they will survive periods of drought, they will do better if they are given abundant water during hot weather. Sowing: Sow seeds in autumn or spring. The seeds need 6 weeks of moist chilling in the refrigerator, prior to planting. After sowing, keep them cool. Germination normally occurs in about 20 days, but may take up to 3 months. Locality: Swellendam. Harvest: January 2024