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Lachenalia ensifolia ssp. maughanii (Polyxena ensifolia ssp. maughanii)


Lachenalia ensifolia ssp maughanii (Hyacinthaceae) It has also been known as Lachenalia maughanii and Polyxena maughanii. It usually has two broad petals, occasionally three, which lie flat on the ground. At the center there is a cluster of flowers of the palest pink. It grows on limestone in the western part of the Northern Cape. Sowing : Seeds are sown 3-4 mm below the soil surface in mid-autumn in the same medium recommended for mature bulbs. Take care not to sow too thickly to prevent the occurrence of damping-off fungi, and water the seedlings with a fine spray every few days. Germination of fresh seeds occurs within two to three weeks. Locality: Meintjiesplaas. Harvest: September 2023


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