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Lachenalia pallida (large dark purple) (100 seeds)


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Lachenalia pallida (large dark purple). It is a bulbous perennial that annually grows one or two lanceolate leaves that may become warty. The plant grows to heights from 12 cm to 30 cm. The cream to yellow flowers are produced in an erect raceme on short pedicels. The flowers are cylindrical with brown or green corolla markings. Anthers are not exserted. Blooms appear in late winter to after midspring. Sowing: Seed is best sown in autumn in deep seed trays or pots in a sterilized medium of equal parts fine compost or loam, and river sand. Sow the seed thinly to prevent overcrowding and fungal infection, and to allow sufficient room for each seedling’s bulb to develop. Cover with a thin layer of sand, and keep moist and shaded. Germination should occur within five weeks. Locality: Porterville. Harvest: January 2024