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Lachenalia pygmaea


Lachenalia pygmaea. Pygmy Polyxena. It has two spreading, broadly lanceolate leaves, 45-80×15-30mm, with distinctive grooves on the upper surface. Unlike certain Lachenalia species, L. pygmaea does not possess any bumps or pustules on the upper surface of the leaf. The leaf is leathery and usually bright green. Leaves will start to emerge a few weeks after the first rains in autumn, and wither naturally in late spring/early summer. The inflorescence, in the form of a corymb or cluster of flowers nestled between the leaves, reaches only about 30mm tall. Flowers are white, or in certain forms bright mauve, with a strong almond scent. Sowing: Seed is best sown in autumn in deep seed trays or pots in a sterilized medium of equal parts fine compost or loam, and river sand. Sow the seed thinly to prevent overcrowding and fungal infection, and to allow sufficient room for each seedling’s bulb to develop. Cover with a thin layer of sand, and keep moist and shaded. Germination should occur within five weeks. Locality: Kamieskroon. Harvest: August 2023


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