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Lachenalia summerfieldii


Lachenalia summerfieldii. This is a short species growing from 9 to 18 cm with two spreading to suberect green leaves with longitudinal grooves and an erect green scape heavuly marked with dark brownish-purple blotches. The flowers are oblong-campanulate; outer tepals are light blue shading to white with brownish-maroon gibbosities, the inner tepals are white with dark brownish-maroon or yellow keels. Sowing: Seed is best sown in autumn in deep seed trays or pots in a sterilized medium of equal parts fine compost or loam, and river sand. Sow the seed thinly to prevent overcrowding and fungal infection, and to allow sufficient room for each seedling’s bulb to develop. Cover with a thin layer of sand, and keep moist and shaded. Germination should occur within five weeks. Locality: Onderplaas. Harvest: November 2023


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