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Leonotis leonurus “orange” (100 seeds)


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Leonotis leonurus orange (Lamiaceae) Wild Dagga (e), Wildedagga (a), umcwili (z), imvovo (x). Hardy, drought resistant, evergreen perennial shrub with showy, compact clusters of orange, velvety flowers repeated up the length of every stalk from Feb. to July. Attracts sunbirds, bees, moths and butterflies. It is fascinating to watch them at night with the moths clustering around the flowers. Plant in sun or semi-shade and prune back severely after flowering for best results. It has been grown as a popular plant in Europe since the 1600’s. It has many medicinal uses and was extensively used by the pioneers for a whole variety of ailments. Size up to 1.5m. Sowing: Sow seeds in summer in a well drained medium. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: June 2023