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Leucadendron laxum (100 seeds)


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Leucadendron laxum. A much-branched, dense but willowy shrub with a single stem at ground level, and short branches clustered at the base of the plant. It is evergreen, with small needle-like leaves and grows to between 1,5 and 1,75 m high in cultivation. Masses of small bright yellow flowers are produced during spring and early summer. Sowing : Sow from the middle of March (autumn), when the temperatures start to drop. It appears to be the difference between the day- and night temperatures that triggers germination. This temperature difference should be about 15°C, but it is the night temperature that is the most important. It is only after the night temperature drops to 10°C or lower that germination occurs. Locality: Elim. Harvest: November 2020