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Lithops geyeri (hillii) C232

Lithops geyeri (hillii) C232. It is characterised by the relatively small body and the large flower. The upper surfaces of leaves is convex and quite variable in appearance, it has darker translucent windows mottled with white with an overall marbled effect. Bears a yellow flower in late summer or early autumn. Sowing : The small seeds can be sown in pots of fine, well-drained sand, any time during the summer months when temperatures are warm. Cover the seeds with a very fine layer of grit and water from below with a fungicide to prevent damping off. For the first 3-4 days cover the pots with a sheet of glass/clear Perspex to keep the humidity levels high. Remove the glass and replace it with light shade cloth and mist once or twice a day for the next two weeks after which most seeds should have germinated. From then on misting can be reduced to every second and then every third day as the little plants grow. Locality: Port Nolloth.  Harvest: November 2021


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