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Lobelia pubescens (100 seeds)


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Lobelia pubescens. It is a low-growing, soft, sprawling, herbaceous perennial, with angular branches growing up to 350 mm long. Its leaves are often hairy, spoon-shaped and irregularly toothed, with the lower part of the leaf being up to 20 mm long. A profusion of flowers, borne singly at the tips of long pedicels, appear from October to March. The flowers are 11–17 mm long and have narrow petal lobes covered in very fine hairs. They can be white to pale blue and may have blue or white markings respectively. Sowing: Sow seed in autumn into a medium of equal parts sand, compost and bark; and water regularly with a gentle spray. The seeds will germinate in 1–3 weeks. When large enough, plant the seedlings 15–30 cm apart in the garden. Locality: Tulbach. Harvest: January 2024