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Lycium ferocissimum (100 seeds)


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Lycium ferocissimum. This is an erect, woody and large shrub, which grows 2–3 m tall and spreads about 3 m wide. It has an extensive root system that is composed of small roots that spread laterally from the plant, but are generally not deep. The branches are drooping and spread widely. They carry small shoots, which have clusters of leaves that are surrounded at the base by small, light-brown scales. The stems are smooth and light brown, but become grey and rough as they mature, with the main stem carrying strong and thick spines, that are up to 150 mm long. The leaves are oval in shape, bright green and somewhat fleshy, usually borne in groups of 5–12 at the nodes of the stem. Sowing : Sow seeds in a well drained medium. Locality: De Rust. Harvest: September 2023