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Mackaya bella (100 seeds)


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Mackaya bella (Acanthaceae). River Bells (e), Blouklokkiesbos (a), uZwathi (z). Hardy, evergreen shrub with dark green, glossy leaves and long bunches of lilac or white, trumpet-shaped flowers from spring to mid summer. It grows in deep shade where the flowers seem to glow in the dark. It can tolerate quite a lot of sun provided it is watered well. Although it is fairly hardy it will grow in quite cold areas if planted under trees, which protect it from the cold. Even though it gets frosted it will normally come back vigorously in spring. An excellent garden subject. Traditionally twigs were used for fire making. Size 1 to 4m. S.A. No. 681.1. Sowing : Sow seeds in a well drained medium. Locality : Krugersdorp. Date of harvest : Nov 2015.