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Mundulea sericea (100 seeds)


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Mundulea sericea (Fabaceae). Cork Bush (e), Kurkbos (a), umaMentabeni (z), mosita-tlou (Tsw), mukunda-ndou (v). Very hardy, semi-deciduous, decorative, large shrub with blue-grey leaves covered in silvery hairs. It has dense pendulous bunches of deep mauve, pea-shaped flowers from early to late summer. Clusters of velvety grey or yellow-brown pods follow the flowers. With its robust, neat shape and corky bark, it makes a good accent plant but needs well-drained soil. It is host plant to two butterfly species. Plant in well-drained soil. Traditionally used as a fish poison. The bark and roots have medicinal and magical qualities and crushed leaves are used to bleach hair. Lovely tree for a small, sunny garden. Size 2 to 3m. S.A. No. 226. Sowing: Soak seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing. Sow in springtime. Locality: Pietersburg. Harvest: April 2023