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Nerine krigei (100 seeds)


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Nerine krigei (Amaryllidaceae) It is a summer growing species and it grows in damp depressions in grassland. This species has broad, erect, spirally twisted leaves and the flowers are produced in summer, in contrast to the tendency of most other Nerine species that bloom in autumn. The flowers have a dark green or rose midrib which show up nicely against the light pink petals. The filaments of the stamens recurve nearly 180?. While most Nerine varieties produce many offsets but do not bloom every year, N. krigei produces few offsets but blooms faithfully every season, if given its required period of chilling during the preceding winter. Sowing : The seeds are sown in deep seed trays in a well-drained mixture such as equal parts of river sand, silica sand (swimming pool sand), and finely sifted compost. Sprinkle seeds evenly over the surface and cover them with a thin layer of the same mixture. Watering with a fine rose is ideal. When the first leaves appear, water only once every two to three weeks. Locality : Devon. Harvest : February 2022