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Nuxia floribunda


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Nuxia floribunda (100 seeds)

Family: Buddlejaceae

Common names: Forest Elder (e), Bosvlier (a), iThambo (z), Mothlabare (s)

Fairly hardy, evergreen, moisture loving, fast growing, small tree with glossy, dark green leaves that turn purple in winter. Huge heads of showy, sweet smelling, white flowers cover the tree through winter. A neat and attractive small tree that grows well in a container in either full sun or semi-shade. It has many magical and medicinal uses. Size 3 to 10m. S.A. No 634.

Sowing instructions: Sow seeds in summer. The seeds which are very small in size should be scattered evenly over the surface of the medium and very lightly covered with fine river sand. Place in a warm, brightly lit position and keep moist. Germination times generally vary between 6 and 12 weeks.

Locality: Grahamstown. Harvest: June 2024