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Ornithogalum saundersiae BULB


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Ornithogalum saundersiae BULB (Hyacinthaceae) Giant chincherinchee (Eng.); reuse tjienkerientjee (Afr.). This bulbous plant is deciduous and dormant in winter. It forms an erect rosette of dark green, shiny, sword-shaped leaves of up to 500 mm long in spring. Flat-topped, many-flowered inflorescences of up to 1.5 m tall are produced in summer. The star-shaped flowers are ivory or white with a black ovary in the center. Plants are usually gregarious and the bulbs multiply rapidly to form dense stands. It is advisable to plant groups of plants (up to 20 or more) together for the most striking effect. The plants can withstand severe frost, require an average amount of water and favor full sun.

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