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Otholobium fruticans (100 seeds)


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Otholobium fruticans. (Capetown Pea) It is a trailing, semi-shrub that grows up to 400 mm high, with a spread of 500 mm to 1 m. It is a resprouter and has semi-prostrate branches that seem to spread out in all directions, from the centre of the bush. The leaves are trifoliate (a leaf that is divided into three leaflets), smooth on top and hairy on the undersides, with stipules at the base of the leaf stalk. The inflorescence is characterized by being bracteate (having bracts at the base of the pedicels), and having triplets of flowers, with each triplet subtended by a single variously shaped bract  The flowers are pea-like (with a banner-, keel- and wing petals), purple to violet. Sowing : The seeds must first be soaked in hot water, left overnight and planted the next morning in seedling trays. Cover the seeds lightly with river sand and keep moist. Placing a clear glass over the seedling tray can speed up germination. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: November 2021