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Othonna cremnophila (10 seeds)


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Othonna cremnophila (price per 10 seeds) It is an erect thick, fleshy, stemmed shrublet with leaves crowded at the ends of branches. It usually exhibits a squat or compact, but non-pendent, ascending growth. The solitary, short, thickset, main stem (caudex) forms markedly abbreviated and sparsely branching shoots. The cylindrical stems are covered with a dense, white, woolly layer of trichomes and a powdery bloom which help to prevent moisture loss in the dry cliff-face habitat. Sowing : Use a well-drained sandy loam soil mix and cover the seed lightly with sieved coarse river sand to hold them in place. Othonna seeds germinate quite easily, so no special treatment of the seed is needed, and they do well in cultivation. Keep the seed moist and they will germinate after two weeks. Locality: Rosyntjieberg. Harvest: April 2020