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Othonna triplinervia


Othonna triplinervia.  Family: Asteraceae. Common names: three-veined othonna, Thicket Baboon-Cabbage. A succulent shrub that flourishes in heavy, winter rainfall areas. Its rounded growth form and velvety foliage, makes this plant a desirable specimen for both indoors and the outdoors. Foliage is light green to somewhat blueish, slightly fleshy, soft, but leathery to the touch. Leaves are obovate (egg-shaped), tapering to the base, entire to scarcely lobed, and crowded towards the tips of the branches, which are thick and fleshy, leafless below the leaves and the scars left by the older dropped leaves are clearly visible. Sowing instruction : Sow seeds in autumn in a well drained medium.  Locality: Grahamstown. Harvest: March 2024


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