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Ozoroa obovata (100 seeds)


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Ozoroa obovata. (Coast Resintree) It is a shrub which can also grow into a small tree about 6 to 8 m in height; it is deciduous to evergreen and has a flat crown. The bark is grey, rough and thick, and the small branches have reddish brown lenticels (small, corky spots on the bark). The leaves are spirally arranged in whorls of 3 and they are oblong to obovate, 25-120 x 15-40 mm, dark green above and paler green to silver underneath. Sowing :  Use seedling mixture which contains1 part of sieved compost and 1 part of coarse river sand. Do not add fertilizers to the mixture as it might cause plant diseases. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: October 2022