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Pachypodium geayi


Pachypodium geayi

Family: Apocinaceae

It has a metallic grey trunk that makes a nice pachycaul. Leaves are thin and grey-green, with a bright pink mid-rib. The plant has white flowers. Pachypodium geayi is one of the largest of the Madagascar species.

Sowing instructions: Sow seeds in summer 5 mm deep, sterile, sandy medium (4 parts fine and 4 parts coarse river sand; 1 part sieved, well-rotten compost; 1 part perlite; 1 part vermiculite) and cover with coarse river sand. Keep moist and at a temperature of 27-35°C to ensure rapid germination. They need high humidity to germinate but as soon as plantlet shows the water must be reduced drastically. Keep the seeding trays in bright light.

Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: May 2024


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