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Pauridia aquatica (Spiloxene aquatica) (100 seeds)


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Pauridia aquatica (Spiloxene aquatica). It is an aquatic geophyte that grows to a height of 100–300 mm. It grows from a fleshy corm which is smooth or has a few, loosely fibrous scales. It has 2–5 linear, somewhat hollow leaves that are slightly triangular in cross section. It bears umbels of 2–7, small, star-shaped, white flowers, with green stripes on the underside of the 3 outer petals. Sowing : Sow seeds in autumn in a well-draining medium. Spread seeds thinly to prevent damping-off. Cover with a thin layer of river sand. Keep moist. Seed will germinate in about 2 weeks after sowing. Locality: Klapmuts.  Harvest: October 2023