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Pelargonium hirtum (100 seeds)


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Pelargonium hirtum. (Hairy Pelargonium) A small, bushy, succulent shrub, that grows up to 300 mm tall. The main stem is divided into thick, fleshy, erect or decumbent branches. The hairy, finely divided compound leaves, are 15–35 mm long and 5–20 mm broad, and borne on long petioles. The flowering branches are significantly thinner than the normal branches. Flowering branches are often branched and may bear leaves. White, various shades of pink, and magnolia-purple flowers are borne in 3–8-flowered, umbel-like inflorescences. Flowering is in winter and spring. Sowing : Sow seeds in autumn in a well drained medium. Locality: Darling. Harvest: June 2022