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Pelargonium oblongatum


Pelargonium oblongatum.

Geraniaceae. It  is a very singular geophyte succulent species to 30 cm tall, remarkable for the thick erect fleshy root stock (caudex) which stands several centimetres above the ground and bears leaves before the flowers appear. Like most of the tuberous species the rootstock is well protected by several layers of brown, shell-like skins. The leaves are produced in winter in a neat rosette, fairly close to the ground and scented. The flowers are large with five petals, the two upper petals are yellow or cream with red-purple feathering veins and larger than the three lower ones. The five long filaments which bear orange anthers (the pollen-bearing part of the stamen) curve nicely towards the upper petals.

Sowing: Sow seeds in autumn in a well drained medium.

Locality: Jenkinskop. Harvest: August 2023


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