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Pelargonium triste


Pelargonium triste. Family: Geraniaceae. Common names: night-scented pelargonium, kaneeltjie, rooiwortel. It is a geophytic species that has a large, subterranean tuber with tuberous roots with a rather cracked, woody bark. The prostrate leaves are produced directly from ground level with minimal stem growth; they are hairy, divided, and softly feathered, resembling the leaves of a carrot plant. The sturdy inflorescence is carried well above the leaves. The leaves on the flowering stems are usually much smaller than those on the main stem. The inconspicuous pale yellow flowers are star-shaped with dark maroon to black markings and are scented at night.  Sowing instructions : Seed should be sown in spring or during summer, in a well-drained seedling mix, and need only be covered lightly with the sowing mix, clean coarse sand or milled bark. The trays should be kept moist in a warm but shaded position. Locality: Zandkraal. Harvest: October 2023


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