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Peltophorum africanum


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Peltophorum africanum (100 seeds)

Family: Caesalpineaceae

Common names: Weeping Wattle, Huilboom.

Hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, small to medium-sized tree that blooms profusely with spikes of beautiful, yellow, crinkly flowers that persist for weeks in mid summer. The fine leaves resemble that of Acacia species but there are no thorns. Makes a good shade tree and an excellent garden subject for semi-shade or sunny areas. It has beautiful architecture when leafless. Cattle and game browse on the tree and birds are attracted to the nectar. Used medicinally. Size 4 to 8m. S.A. No. 215.

Sowing instructions: Sow seeds in summer in a well drained medium.

Locality: Stellenbosch. Harvest: September 2023