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Phoenix dactylifera (100 seeds)


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Phoenix dactylifera. (Arecaceae) Date palm. It is characterized by pinnate, “feather-like” gray-green leaves and an edible fruit in the form of a drupe with a thin, papery skin, and a single, long, narrow, hard seed. The term date also is used for just the palm tree’s fruit, which is borne in clusters and is one of the oldest cultivated tree crops, with a history of over 5,000 years. The fruits are a delicate sweet date. Sowing : Sow in a mix of river sand and compost. The seeds can either be pressed gently into the medium or covered lightly. Do not allow the medium to dry out. Germination should begin after about a month. Transplanting can be carried out when the first leaf is 50 mm long. Locality: Hermanus. Harvest: November 2021